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  • 1 Nov '22 Feed

    A Spotify algorithm cheat sheet 👀

    How to play the algorithm game

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  • 1 Nov '22 Feed

    Filter through your posts

    Looking for a specific post? Find it with a filter

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  • 27 Oct '22 Feed

    Tips on how to boost growth 📈

    Some ideas on how to speed up your growth.

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  • 24 Oct '22 Feed

    Customise the links on your posts

    Customise the link on your posts to get the most of your Feed ads

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  • 18 Oct '22 Feed

    How to set up default post selection in Feed

    Opt in the post types you want ✅

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  • 12 Oct '22 Feed

    A strategy for growing your Spotify following

    One artist and her manager's approach to growing her Spotify following.

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  • 11 Oct '22

    Music marketing strategies: releasing an EP

    Ok, so great news, you’re ready to release your EP. But how do you go about marketing it?

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  • 11 Oct '22

    How do I use Spotify's algorithms to grow?

    Tips to grow your followers on Spotify

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  • 10 Oct '22 Feed

    Do you know where your fans are?

    Find out where your fans are and target them with Feed

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  • 7 Oct '22 Feed

    An album release game plan

    Copy this record label's playbook for your next album release.

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  • 4 Oct '22 Feed

    Looking to edit a post caption for an ad?

    Well if you are, you've come to the right place - because you can do that with Feed’s text editor!

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  • 27 Sep '22 Feed

    How to prioritise a post in Feed*

    Have you tried the priority post feature yet? Get the most out of your Feed ads by setting up a priority post.

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  • 19 Sep '22 Feed

    New and improved Spotify growth campaigns

    Find new Spotify followers with Feed 🙌

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  • 9 Aug '22 Joshua Jacobson

    When did you last speak to a fan?

    You think you know your artist’s fanbase inside out. But when did you last actually speak to a fan?

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  • 28 Jul '22

    Why natural content works better

    Natural feeling, organic content performs ⚡️ 100% better ⚡️ as paid media than more sales-y posts!

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  • 1 Jul '22

    What is good follower growth?

    We ignore the hype you read online & dig into the data to get some benchmarks for Instagram follower growth

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  • 29 Jun '22 Feed

    7 time-saving Instagram hacks

    Save yourself time and effort with our Instagram tips and tricks.

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  • 8 Apr '22

    How do I choose a marketing goal?

    A simple framework that balances your audience growth and sales goals, and helps you to achieve both

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  • 11 Mar '22

    The lifetime value of a Spotify follower

    How much income does the average Spotify follower generate for musicians (and their teams)? It might be more than you think!

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  • 14 Feb '22 Joshua Jacobson

    Setting a music marketing budget

    You've poured a lot of time and money into making's a guide to setting (and spending) a marketing budget.

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  • 8 Feb '22

    We've partnered with 💥

    We've partnered with Amplify, who make incredible smart link pages. They have a special offer for the Feed community!

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  • 1 Feb '22

    How Feed helps you learn from your social ads

    How should you interpret and learn from the results of your social media ads? At Feed, we're making it easier.

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  • 1 Feb '22 Feed

    Retargeting ads explained

    What is retargeting, why is it so powerful and why should it be used in almost all ad campaigns?

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  • 1 Feb '22 Nick Edwards

    What should I post on Instagram? Part 2

    Some helpful pointers and examples of what works best on Instagram, with the data from Feed to back it up.

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  • 17 Jan '22

    What should I post on Instagram & TikTok?

    What engages people on Instagram and Tiktok isn't necessarily what you’d expect. We’ve written some thoughts on what works well.

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  • 12 Jan '22 Feed

    4 realistic ways to increase IG engagement

    4 things you can start doing today to increase your Instagram engagement.

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  • 1 Jan '22

    Why we are building Feed?

    Feed is our solution to stop people wasting so much time and expense on digital advertising

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  • 1 Jan '22

    22 TOP music marketing strategies for 2022

    The 22 most highly recommended music marketing strategies for 2022.

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  • 19 Sep '21 Feed

    Link a business Facebook and Instagram account

    A simple step-by-step guide to connect your Facebook Page and Instagram account.

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  • 20 Apr '21

    Feed x OnJam | Grow your online ticket sales

    We're excited to announce a partnership with OnJam, a new platform for online shows and live streaming!

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