• 20 Apr '21 Nick Edwards

    Feed x OnJam | Grow your online ticket sales

    We're excited to announce a partnership with OnJam, a new platform for online shows and live streaming!

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  • 12 Apr '21 Nick Edwards

    Understanding your target audience

    As a musician, it's important to understand who your target audience is. This article explains why.

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  • 25 Mar '21 Joshua Jacobson

    A music marketing plan in 7 parts

    From defining your audience to putting together a timeline, this is a complete guide to creating a music marketing plan.

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  • 19 Mar '21 Joshua Jacobson

    21 music marketing strategies for 2021

    The 21 most highly recommended music marketing strategies for 2021.

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  • 5 Mar '21 Joshua Jacobson

    Artists: 98% didn't get on Spotify’s playlists

    Spotify added 76,000 artists to playlists for the 1st time in 2020, this is what to focus your marketing on instead.

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  • 4 Feb '21 Nick Edwards

    Why, how & what: grow your audience & income

    As a creator, you probably didn't get into the job to be a marketer. So we're sharing our framework to help you reach your goals.

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  • 26 Nov '20 Nick Edwards

    The lifetime value of a Spotify follower

    How much income does the average Spotify follower generate for musicians (and their teams)? It might be more than you think!

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  • 2 Nov '20 Nick Edwards

    Case Study: The King's Singers

    King's Singers Case Study

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  • 20 Oct '20 Nick Edwards

    An overview of funding options for musicians

    Getting funding is right at the top of many musicians' concerns. Here's an overview of the options available to independent artists.

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  • 7 Oct '20 Nick Edwards

    Feed Presents: JYLDA

    JYLDA is Gianna Gehlhar's musical alter ego. Nick chatted with her about collaboration, balancing art and business... and more!

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  • 10 Sep '20 Nick Edwards

    Case Study: D Mills

    The importance of growing and nurturing a warm audience: a case study of LA-based producer, artist and instrumentalist D Mills.

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  • 3 Sep '20 Joshua Jacobson

    Feed Presents: Malachi

    Graham Lord (aka Malachi) has been a producer and DJ since 2000, one half of Audiowhores, and owner of the label All About House.

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  • 17 Aug '20 Joshua Jacobson

    Facebook Ads: Lookalikes and custom audiences

    Get the most out of Facebook Ads Manager by learning how to create lookalikes and custom audiences.

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  • 11 Aug '20 Nick Edwards

    Case Study: Simeon Walker

    Composer Simeon Walker has been using Feed to find new audiences, nurture the fan relationship and sell records.

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  • 3 Aug '20 Nick Edwards

    Overcoming the marketing catch-22

    Our views on the marketing options available to musicians looking to overcome what we're calling the 'marketing catch-22'

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  • 2 Jul '20 Nick Edwards

    What should I post on Instagram? Part 2

    Some helpful pointers and examples of what works best on Instagram, with the data from Feed to back it up.

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  • 20 May '20 Nick Edwards

    Feed Presents: The Overland

    We talk to The Overland, makers of "sustainable, versatile and cleverly designed cycling & adventure sport clothing".

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  • 7 May '20 Joshua Jacobson

    A checklist for your next music release (2/2)

    An overview of the different tasks needed to make sure your next music release gets the best possible introduction to the world.

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  • 4 May '20 Nick Edwards

    Feed Presents: Lou Wellby

    Feed Presents: Lou Wellby, a London-based vocalist, songwriter, gig curator and sound meditation teacher.

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  • 30 Apr '20 Joshua Jacobson

    A checklist for your next music release (1/2)

    An overview of the different tasks needed to make sure your next music release gets the best possible introduction to the world.

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  • 22 Apr '20 Joshua Jacobson

    Setting a music marketing budget

    You've poured a lot of time and money into making music...here's a guide to setting (and spending) a marketing budget.

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  • 17 Apr '20 Nick Edwards

    How Feed helps you learn from your social ads

    How should you interpret and learn from the results of your social media ads? At Feed, we're making it easier.

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  • 10 Apr '20 Nick Edwards

    Feed Presents: Asthmatic Harp

    Feed Presents: 'Asthmatic Harp', the musical moniker of Glasgow based songwriter and composer Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones.

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  • 8 Apr '20 Joshua Jacobson

    Why try social advertising, and why Feed?

    Why use Feed? Why not boost a post on Instagram, or use Facebook Ads Manager?

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  • 2 Apr '20 Nick Edwards

    Posting on Insta? No country for old marketing

    The posts that interest and engage people aren’t necessarily the ones you’d expect. We’ve written some thoughts on what works well.

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  • 31 Mar '20 Nick Edwards

    Digital marketing ideas to try from home

    Now seems the perfect time to think about increasing online engagement. Here are some great examples of people doing this really well.

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