You’ve created something great,

now find the people who love it.

Building an audience is tough, and advertising on Instagram or can be overwhelming.

We created Feed to make the process easy and efficient, regardless of budget or experience.

  • lucanua, London based swimwear brand

    "It's user friendly… like the Apple version of digital advertising"

    London based swimwear brand

    @lucanua, London based swimwear brand

  • michael__price, Film and TV composer

    "I feel like Feed is on my side… unlike using Facebook directly - which I feel doesn't work in my long-term interests"

    Film and TV composer

    @michael__price, Film and TV composer

  • studio_formes, Screen printed workwear brand

    "It's brilliant... Feed runs your ads and does stuff that normally baffles me - but in an easy to understand way"

    Screen printed workwear brand

    @studio_formes, Screen printed workwear brand

  • theoverlandstore, Cycling and adventure-wear brand

    "I’ve never seen such low costs per engagement, and I basically don’t have to do anything – what’s not to like?!"

    Cycling and adventure-wear brand

    @theoverlandstore, Cycling and adventure-wear brand

  • parkaveartists, New York based management company

    "Feed makes digital marketing a breeze. A straightforward design and easy to see results takes all the guesswork out."

    New York based management company

    @parkaveartists, New York based management company

  • simeonwalkermusic, Pianist and composer

    "Intuitive and easy to use, and a useful way of reaching both new audiences and reconnecting with people. Give it a try!"

    Pianist and composer

    @simeonwalkermusic, Pianist and composer

  • nurturedideas, US & UK music management company

    "Feed has cut out the complexity of setting up FB / IG ads. We've seen great growth and positive feedback with our artists!"

    US & UK music management company

    @nurturedideas, US & UK music management company

  • Save time

    Feed's algorithm automates the entire process of setting up, monitoring and optimising advertising on Instagram and Facebook, saving huge amounts of time.

    Save time
  • Better results for your budget

    Feed works out which posts resonate most with your audience, and allocates budget accordingly. Its continuous optimisation process gets 4x the results for your budget, on average.

    Better results for your budget
  • Keep posting as normal

    Feed takes your existing posts and turns them into ads, so there's no need to create anything new. This also means when people discover you, it feels natural and in your own voice.

    Keep posting as normal
  • Always-on

    Feed is continuously testing and optimising around the clock. It's always working to grow your audience, without needing your constant attention.

  • Simple, intuitive design

    Overwhelmed by Facebook Ads Manager? Feed's simple, clear interface makes managing your ads easy and straightforward.

    Simple, intuitive design
  • Understandable results

    Never sure what's working? Feed shows you how people are responding, which ads are working best and how your audience is growing.

    Understandable results
  • 20 Oct '20 Nick Edwards

    Feed Blog: An overview of funding options for musicians

    An overview of funding options for musicians

    Getting funding is right at the top of many musicians' concerns. Here's an overview of the options available to independent artists.

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  • 7 Oct '20 Nick Edwards

    Feed Blog: Feed Presents: JYLDA

    Feed Presents: JYLDA

    Feed Presents: JYLDA, Gianna Gehlhar's musical alter ego. Nick chatted with her about collaboration, balancing art and business... and more!

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  • 3 Aug '20 Nick edwards

    Feed Blog: Overcoming the marketing catch-22

    Overcoming the marketing catch-22

    Our views on the marketing options available to musicians looking to overcome what we're calling the 'marketing catch-22'

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  • 22 Apr '20 Joshua Jankowski

    Feed Blog: Setting a music marketing budget

    Setting a music marketing budget

    You've poured a lot of time and money into making's a guide to setting (and spending) a marketing budget.

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