You’ve created something great,

now find the people who love it.

We created Feed to help you grow your creative business.

Find new audiences, keep them engaged and grow revenue from your biggest supporters via Feed’s automated digital advertising.

Feed is currently in a closed Beta. Register your interest to try it out:

  • "It's user friendly… like the Apple version of digital advertising"


    London based swimwear brand

  • "I feel like Feed is on my side… unlike using Facebook directly - which I feel doesn't work in my long-term interests"


    Film and TV composer

  • "We've managed to get a huge number of additional ticket sales by understanding the posts that people are responding to - Feed has been amazing!"


    UK based vocal group

  • "It's brilliant... Feed runs your ads and does stuff that normally baffles me - but in an easy to understand way"


    Screen printed workwear brand

  • "I’ve never seen such low costs per engagement, and I basically don’t have to do anything – what’s not to like?!"


    Cycling and adventure-wear brand

  • "Feed makes digital marketing a breeze. A straightforward design and easy to see results takes all the guesswork out."


    New York based management company

  • "Intuitive and easy to use, and a useful way of reaching both new audiences and reconnecting with people. Give it a try!"


    Pianist and composer

  • "Feed has cut out the complexity of setting up FB / IG ads. We've seen great growth and positive feedback with our artists!"


    US & UK music management company

  • Find new audiences,

    There is an audience out there for your music. Feed’s fully automated algorithm identifies the people that will love what you create, and makes sure you reach them with the content that gets them intrigued.

  • keep them engaged,

    Feed lets you speak to your entire audience and reconnect with the people you aren’t reaching organically. Invest in the relationships that will create your biggest supporters.

  • and grow your revenue.

    Feed empowers you to sell more tickets, records and merchandise to your biggest supporters and track the return on your ad spend. Feed can generate a return in the range of 3x - 20x. Full feature coming Q1 2021

    and grow your revenue.
  • Keep posting as normal

    Feed uses your existing Facebook and Instagram posts to create ads in your own voice. There’s no need to create anything new, so when people discover you it feels natural and less like marketing.

    Keep posting as normal
  • Always-on

    Feed works in the background without needing your constant attention, optimising around the clock while you focus on what you do best.

  • Know what works

    Understand who is responding to your ads, how they engage with them, and the impact on your creative business. Feed works with you to improve results over time.

    Know what works
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