Link a Facebook Page and Instagram business account

Looking to link Facebook to Instagram or Instagram to Facebook?! It only takes a couple of easy steps to get your business accounts connected.

Connecting Instagram to Facebook

  1. Head to your Facebook business page ( and select settings.
Screenshot of link to Facebook Page settings
  1. Under page settings scroll to Instagram, where you will be taken to a separate page to connect your pages ( BUSINESSPAGENAME/settings/?tab=instagram_management).
Screenshot of link to Instagram setting on Facebook
  1. Select “Connect Account”. Agree in the pop up to allow Instagram messages to appear in your Facebook.
Screenshot of pop up confirming link between Facebook and Instagram
  1. Another pop up! This time to enter your Instagram log in details. Hopefully you remember them... and once you’re in, the pages will be linked.
Screenshot of Instagram log-in screen

Connecting Facebook to Instagram

  1. Head to your Instagram business or creator profile, and click Edit Profile.
Screenshot of Edit Profile button on Instagram profile page
  1. Scan to public business information and tap Page.
Screenshot of linked Facebook Page in Instagram settings
  1. Connect an existing page, or else create a new one if you missed our previous post about setting up a Facebook business page…

  2. Hit Done after you’ve connected the page or set up a new one.