17 Sep '21

Joshua Jacobson

Why we are building Feed

More people than ever are setting out to make their passion their work. Millenials and Gen Z are 183% more likely to start a side hustle than older generations. Some are calling this the ‘passion economy’, but essentially an increasing number of people are becoming entrepreneurs... even if they don’t view themselves as one.

We love seeing this shift happening around us! But why is it happening? We believe it’s partly due to a shift in attitudes towards work and job fulfilment paired with the fact that it has never been easier to have a direct relationship with your customers and operate independently (in theory, at least!).

Your shopfront is Instagram, you sell your products (whatever they are) on Shopify, Etsy or Patreon and communication with your customers is done on Mailchimp.

So far, so easy. What problem are we solving, then?

There’s a huge bottleneck when it comes to marketing. In the early days of building your business or getting a project off the ground, building an audience and customer base is tough. It's pretty unlikely you have a digital advertising expert on the team - and even if you do, you're probably balancing a million other tasks.

You can set out your stall on Instagram and Shopify… but without some marketing, you’re not going to get much attention. Especially when you’re competing with hundreds of thousands if not millions of others out there.

If you have a small budget, little marketing experience and you have a million other things to focus on… executing an effective digital marketing strategy can seem daunting, if not impossible.

Existing marketing tools are designed for professional marketers and/or organisations with larger budgets. They’re too expensive and complicated for people who are just starting out, or starting to think about growth.

These tools also tend to use bespoke marketing content for promotion, which makes it feel like you're hearing from a marketing team as opposed to the person/people behind everything. But, when you're in the early days of a busines, in our experience it's the organic, natural feeling content in your own voice that resonates best with the people you're reaching online.

Our mission, and our solution.

Everything we do as a company is ultimately about empowering more people around the world to grow their passion, project or idea into a business.

Feed is the first step on our journey to fulfil that mission. We believe that access to effective digital advertising shouldn’t be monopolised by people with bigger budgets who can afford to hire a marketing person or an agency.

Feed is a set-and-forget marketing tool that means creators and micro businesses can stop wasting time on digital advertising. Our AI predicts which regular, organic posts you should be promoting with 90% accuracy, testing out new posts as you make them.

All our customers have to do is connect Feed to Facebook & Instagram, set a goal and budget and Feed will work in the background to do the rest.

We're starting with Facebook and Instagram but will be integrating more ad networks (TikTok, Google/YouTube etc) soon.

What do we mean by ads that are “effective” and “actually work”?

Feed’s algorithm (i) predicts and promotes the regular, organic posts that will perform best as ads and (ii) drives outcomes that make a tangible impact on people’s businesses.

Building an audience on social media is great, but it isn’t the sole outcome that means we fulfil our mission. For us, it’s about helping our customers reach audiences on social media and then moving those people along the journey to taking a higher value action like purchasing a product or signing up to a mailing list.

We also know that individuals and small teams are responsible for all areas of their business, and we didn’t want to add to their workload. So Feed is designed to work in the background, using everyday Facebook & Instagram posts to create ads, figuring out which content resonates and leaning into the posts that work best.

Feed is our solution to the above problem, ultimately designed to help more people grow their passion into a business by democratising the world of digital marketing.

If you want to chat more about any or all of this with us, come say hi on Discord!

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