1 Jan '22

Nick Edwards

Why we are building Feed

What problem are we solving?

There’s a huge bottleneck when it comes to digital advertising.

You can set out your stall on Instagram and Shopify… but without effective digital advertising, it's going to be hard to get much attention. Especially when you’re competing with hundreds of thousands if not millions of others out there.

As digital marketers ourselves, we were frustrated with existing solutions. They were both time-consuming and expensive.

Tools like Facebook Ads Manager or Google Ads are powerful but it takes time to learn how to use them properly, and even more time to actually use them day-to-day.

If time is tight, the other option is to add to your team (more overhead) or hire someone externally to manage your ads. Either is a significant cost that eats into your advertising budget.

Neither of these options seemed good enough.

Enter Feed

Feed is our solution to the above problem.

Our tech makes it incredibly simple to run social media ads that grow your audience & business online, by automatically pushing your best organic content to the most relevant audiences.

All you have to do is connect Feed to Facebook & Instagram, set a goal and budget and Feed will work in the background to do the rest.

It takes 2 minutes to set up a campaign - no marketing knowledge required - and over 96% of people see an improvement in results.

We're starting out with Facebook and Instagram but the plan is to integrate more ad networks like TikTok, Google/YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter etc

What’s new about how Feed does social ads?

Good question. Firstly, unlike other platforms, Feed’s focus is on identifying and promoting your best performing organic content.


Our data shows that natural-feeling content consistently outperforms traditional, bespoke ad creative. By amplifying organic posts, you're amplifying your own authentic voice - and that's what resonates on social media.

So whether you're after more Instagram followers, trying to grow a mailing list or selling products on your online store - Feed will use the best of your organic content to get you there.

As far as we know, we're also the only set-and-forget social ad platform. Set a goal and Feed will organise your campaigns and audiences to best meet that goal over the long term. We call it evergreen advertising.

Feed automatically A/B tests your posts and keeps promoting the best performing content, while switching off posts that don't work as well. As you make new posts, they get pulled into Feed's algorithm which consistently tests, refines and improves promotion.

On average, Feed achieves 3–10x the results of people’s other ads (depending on the metric, across a sample of over 16,000 campaigns).

After a couple of minutes of set-up, you can get on with more important things, safe in the knowledge that Feed is working to amplify the best of you on social media.

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The Founders

Feed was founded by Joshua Jacobson and Nick Edwards.

Joshua is a marketer, designer and developer. Before Feed, he headed up digital at some of the UK’s most influential record labels: Transgressive Records and Warp Records.

Nick covers sales, commercial and operations at Feed. Before Feed, he managed classical musicians & projects and prior to that was a hedge fund investor (BlueBay, Warwick Capital). He trained as an economist at the University of Cambridge.