1 Jan '22

Why we are building Feed?

What's our story?

Feed exists to help give all musicians a better chance for their music to be heard.

It grew out of our own frustration of growing Spotify and Instagram followers.

Our CEO, Joshua, worked at some of the UKs leading record labels including Warp and Transgressive Records. Whilst he worked on campaigns for artists such as Flying Lotus, Flume and Foals, he found the process of digital marketing overly complicated. If it was this much of a challenge for someone where it's their full-time job, wouldn't it be really hard for smaller artists, trying to build their audiences?

We knew that it's easy to get set up online … but without effective digital advertising, it's going to be hard to get much attention. Especially when you’re competing with hundreds of thousands if not millions of others out there. It can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

Tools like Facebook Ads Manager or Google Ads are powerful but it takes time to learn how to use them properly, and even more time to actually use them day-to-day. Plus, for smaller musicians, it's really hard to learn how these work alongside developing your music, and everything else you need to now do!

If time is tight the other (expensive) option is to add to your team or hire someone externally to manage your ads. Either is a significant cost.

Neither of these options seemed good enough.

Enter Feed

Feed is our solution.

Our tech makes it incredibly simple to run social media ads that grow your audience & business online, by automatically pushing your best organic content to the most relevant audiences.

All you have to do is connect Feed to Facebook & Instagram, set a goal and budget and Feed will work in the background to do the rest. It will test what is working and promote what people are resonating with best.

It takes 2 minutes to set up a campaign - no marketing knowledge required - and over 96% of people see an improvement in results.

If you want to know more about how to works, head to our Help Centre.

We're starting out with Facebook and Instagram but we are working on a TikTok integration that should be ready in the next couple of months. If you'd like to learn more, you can reach us on help@tryfeed.co.

What’s different about how Feed does social ads?

We built Feed to focus on promoting everyday, organic content.

Our belief - and also what our data shows - is that people engage best with natural-feeling, organic posts on social media.

They want to hear from the artist directly, and authenticity is prized.

Feed automatically tests your posts and keeps promoting the best performing content, while switching off posts that don't work as well. As you make new posts, they get pulled into Feed's algorithm which consistently tests, refines and improves whats shown.

On average, Feed achieves 3–10x the results of people’s other ads (depending on the metric, across a sample of over 16,000 campaigns).

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The Founder

Feed is run by our CEO Joshua Jacobson.

Before Feed, he headed up digital at some of the UK’s most influential record labels: Transgressive Records and Warp Records.