9 Aug '22

Joshua Jacobson

When did you last speak to a fan?

You think you know your artist’s fanbase inside out. But when did you last actually speak to a fan?

If you’re part of an artist team, there are so many things to focus on day to day.

Release schedules, posting on socials (or - more likely - chasing the artist to do it 😉), keeping on top of pitching and PR, organising or coordinating with touring.

It’s easy to forget to talk to the people that actually listen to the music.

But regularly communicating with fans is super important. It helps you to prioritise.

Even better - focus on the superfans. It’ll help you find more of the same.

Ask how, where and what they are engaging with. That will help clarify what to focus on in future.

For example: do they listen on Spotify or Bandcamp? What’s their favourite track, and why? Do they find out about shows and/or purchase merch from the artist’s newsletter? What kind of content do they like best?

Do you know where they discovered the artist? That can help you focus on the right marketing channels.

Find out what they don't like. This may allow you to cut out marketing channels that don't work.

Getting the answers to these questions could save you time and money by streamlining your process. And results may improve hugely!

When was the last time you spoke to a fan?

Are there 3 people you could arrange short calls with next week?

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