27 Oct '22


Tips on how to boost growth 📈

How Feed users are levelling up their growth. And how you could do the same.

Today's tip:


Is your growth slower than you expected? Or perhaps even shrinking?

We wanted to share some ideas for how you can try combat this. Inspired by some of the hints and tips we've shared with other users.

Quick roundup:

🚀 "Good" growth may be less than you think.

🚀 Editing location, age, and demographic targeting could ramp up your growth.

🚀 Upcoming feature updates in Feed to help unlock your growth potential.

First things first...

You may not actually have "bad" growth

We benchmarked that average growth is only 1-2% each month. (See our blog post for the full breakdown 🤓). 

Not the viral overnight success story that we'd love to believe. Paid promotion does typically double this, but the reality of what growth looks like may surprise you 🤔

Are you targeting the right age group?

One thing to check is your age targeting for ads.

We were able to tell one artist's manager that they were losing a significant amount of followers aged 18-24. Whereas they were adding +146 followers/month aged 25-44. 

So they increased their minimum age targeting to 25.

What about locations?

The countries you are targeting could also be vital. 

One band's audience was shrinking in the UK and Czech Republic - but they were making big gains in Australia (+1.38%), the US (+2.83%) and Ireland (+2.14%).  They then updated their targeting to reflect growth and exclude the countries where they were shrinking.

To make this extra effective, look out for the "Apply location targeting to Nurture audiences" option when reviewing your location targeting. Selecting this applies the same location settings to your retargeting ads also. 

How do I do this for myself?

Follower demographics and location breakdown are available within the Insights section of Meta Business.

And in Ads Manager, by using the right selection of filters (you may need to play around with these a bit!) you can see the performance of your ads by country and age group also. 

BUT a more simplified version of this will be available in Feed very soon.

Meaning you can access all this information in one place. Without needing a data analytics degree to understand 🤓💯📈

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