19 Sep '22


New and improved Spotify growth campaigns

We've been working away to make it easier to grow your Spotify following 🎉

Here are some of the updates which will hopefully make your next Spotify growth campaign the most successful yet 🥇

How it works

1. Ads which target your future fans 👯‍♀️

We've improved our targeting. Ensuring your ads are only seen by potential future Spotify followers.

First, Feed pulls in your Instagram and Facebook posts, and data about your existing followers. It then promotes the most engaging posts to potential fans, (ie. people similar to your most engaged followers).

Importantly, it ensures the potential fans are also interested in Spotify.

It's no use reaching people who don't use Spotify right?!

2. Bringing people straight to your Spotify page 📲

Your Feed ads will 'deep link' straight to your artist page. An exclusive feature on Feed.

And what's a deep link?

It's a link that takes someone from the ad on Facebook and Instagram directly into the Spotify app - to your artist page.

If you've setup ads yourself you'll know the alternative is for a browser to open within Instagram. From there, the person would need to log in to Spotify before they can follow your page. And honestly who has time for that?!

3. For even better results 📈

Spotify follower numbers are a key metric for getting those elusive playlist placements. Playlist editors will look at follower counts (even more so than listener numbers) to decide who to spotlight.

So focusing on this objective can be an essential strategy to get on those high-hitting Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists.

To make sense of how you're getting on - head to the updated results and insights pages in the Feed platform. Making it simple to understand your progress and share updates and outcomes with your team.

But "where's your proof" I hear you cry

Well it's only early days, but we have pulled together a few case studies to show you the sort of results you can aim for too 🏆

To get up and running, head into the platform and set your objective to "Spotify Growth"...

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