1 Nov '21


Should I hire a social media marketing agency?

So you’re considering hiring a social media marketing agency for your business, passion or project? Heads up, it shouldn’t be a decision you make on the fly.

Hiring an agency can be a big commitment. It means additional costs, getting tied into contracts and handing over some control and visibility from your business. On the flip side, it can also free up a lot of your time, deliver strong results and mean you don’t have to develop the expertise yourself.

Our guide will run you through some factors you should think about when considering an agency. As well as offer that maybe, just maybe, there’s another alternative...

Why consider hiring an agency?

This can vary from business to business and the stage you are at. If you are a musician launching a new album - you may want to consider hiring an agency to build some buzz around your release date. Or as a jewellery brand - you may want to grow your Instagram following to drive more sales.

There are a few common benefits which may inspire your decision to hire a social media marketing company.

Save yourself some work 📋 Especially if you are already wearing many hats in your business. Outsourcing can save you the hours spent setting up and optimising ad campaigns. As well as the time spent learning about A/B Tests, ads targeting, creating lookalike audiences, and other technical know-how.

You want to ramp up digital marketing efforts for a short period of time ⏰ This could be a great option if you want a campaign to run for a number of weeks / months. You may only need a short-term fix. So this may be the best marketing strategy for your small business or project.

You don’t want to hire someone 👔 Even for longer term objectives taking someone on as an employee may be out of reach. An agency can be a great way to get up and running with social media marketing without hiring personnel.

You aren’t getting the results you want 🏅 As experts in what they do, social media marketers should be able to drive better results for you. It can be a way of increasing your followers, awareness, revenue, or whatever business goal you’re focusing on.

It’s also worth remembering your aims when taking on a social media marketing agency can also differ from business to business, and industry to industry. Our survey of Feed users found that when running social media advertising most people were focused on gaining Instagram followers. Your aim with ads will likely impact your social media strategy.

What kind of costs are involved?

This is where reality hits - how much does social media marketing actually cost? Well again, rather unhelpfully this can massively vary depending on the scope of work you need and the calibre of the agency. You could expect to pay anything from £300/month to £2,000/month for their services!! That’s a lot of cash.

You’ll also have to take into account any retainer fees, and ad spend on top. Or, if they run a percentage based model, you could expect to pay around 15% of your budget just on fees. It’s worth shopping around before settling!

What work does an agency do?

The scope of work of a social media marketing agency may include:


An agency can help to determine what to focus on to achieve the business goals. E.g. double down on Facebook vs Instagram vs TikTok, which countries to target, promotional calendar, and so on.


You should expect to receive detailed reports on your most important KPIs and performance of your content marketing. An agency should have the capacity and ability to give you these insights. Although it’s a good idea to keep a realistic idea of what kind of results a new social media strategy may deliver. Just relying on organic growth sees typical monthly growth of around 1%. Those who pursued paid promotion through Feed saw on average a 2x faster growth rate than they achieved organically…

Head to the results section of Feed for insights into your account’s organic and paid performance, as well as some handy benchmarks for similar profiles.


Depending on your contract, your agency may also be involved in the creation of content for promotion. For example, an agency which specialises in Instagram marketing for small businesses may produce content to highlight your product range specifically for ads.

At Feed we are big advocates of using organic content to reach new audiences and retarget engaged audiences rather than creating one-off content for ads. Our FAQs explain this beautifully:

Alternatives to a social media marketing agency?

Hiring an agency to run your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok or other social media ads isn’t right for everyone. It’s not a cheap option, and requires a good chunk of your budget dedicated to it. The lack of flexibility means you can also find yourself tied into a contract, unsure of what they’re doing or whether the results are any good.

Whilst they can provide some real benefits, it’s also worth considering other options.

Develop the expertise internally

You could learn the skills yourself, or hire someone who would be able to run your social media marketing as their full-time job. Doing so can have many benefits. An employee is typically more invested and knowledgeable about your company or project. You can also keep better informed on what work is being undertaken and it can be a cheaper option in the long-term.

Plus, the flexibility of having in-house capability means you can chop and change strategy and approach as quickly as you’d like.

Try a marketing tool

There are so many great tools now on the market aimed at making digital marketing more accessible. (cough cough @us)

There are tools which help you design better content e.g. Canva or VistaCreate.

Tools to schedule when content should be uploaded e.g. Later, Hootsuite.

And also tools which set up, run and optimise your ads for you e.g. Feed. Allowing you to spend less time on social media advertising, and more time on doing the jobs that only you can do!

All you need to do is to connect your Instagram and Facebook to Feed, set your objective, budget and you can get up and running with ads. No contracts, no minimum spend and no difficulties in trying to figure out how to manage your own ads. Sounds good to me!

What should I do next?

Sign up to Feed and connect your accounts to start running ads. Or for more information take a look at our Feed demo, and drop us a message on Discord.

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