18 Oct '22


How to set up default post selection in Feed

🚨 New product feature 🚨 Hot off the press, and one that many of you have asked for 🙏

What is it?

With this update you can now quickly control which formats you run as ads. You can now set Feed up to only run the post type you want - e.g. Posts, Reels or Stories.

Why is it useful?

We understand that different formats are used in different ways. You may want to promote reels as ads, whereas stories are just for fun.

Now you can set your profile up to automatically opt in those content types you know you want to run as ads. And opt out any you don't.

And how?

It's super easy. Head to the controls section of Feed and into promotion settings.

Then it's a simple toggle on or off for each content type.

Only available on a Growth or Pro Tier subscription.

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