27 Sep '22


How to prioritise a post in Feed

Often overlooked, but this is an essential tool when you want to promote a post right now!

What is it?

Feed prioritises which posts to run as ads based on the organic score they receive. But we understand that it can be really important to change what is shown when.

Clicking the prioritise post button ⬆️ tells Feed to start promoting that specific post as soon as it can!*

When to use it?

If there's a specific piece of content you want to run immediately. Perhaps today is release day, or you have an exciting event, gig or update you want to make sure gets promoted.

And how?

On the posts page look for the content you want to promote and click the two arrows in the top left-hand corner. To remove the priority status simply click the two arrows again. You can mark multiple posts as priorities, and Feed will start with the most popular ones first. N.B. while priority posts are running, posts you haven't marked as priority posts won't run.

This feature is available on a Growth or Pro Tier subscription.

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