2 Nov '21


How does your FB & IG engagement stack up?

As you post more on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll probably be getting a good feel for which posts do well and which ones don’t. However, have you ever wondered how well you’re doing relative to everybody else?

Maybe your “bad” posts aren’t even that bad! Your lowest engagement rates could still be higher than the average. Of course… the opposite could also be true. Even if you’re below average, knowledge of what is considered normal can be useful as you look to improve over time.

Well, we’ve crunched the numbers on our entire database of posts across Facebook and Instagram to get some benchmarks you can use as a reference.

We’ve used the median value instead of the average (mean) to avoid the benchmarks being skewed by the minority of posts that went “viral”.

So let’s get to it, first up Facebook.


Median engagement rate (the total number of likes, comments and shares in relation to the number of page likes):

Images - 2.6% Videos - 6.6%

To put it another way, if you have 1,000 Facebook likes and post an image to your page, and get more than 26 likes, comments or shares - you’re doing well!

If you post a video, that number rises to 66. You would also expect to get 48 views.

Instagram Feed

Median engagement rate (the total number of likes, comments and saves in relation to the number of followers):

Images - 3.5% Videos - 3.1%

Again, if you have 1,000 Instagram followers, and post an image, you should be aiming for 35 or more comments, likes and saves.

Posting a video on average would get you a minimum of 31, and 237 views.

Instagram Stories

Median engagement rate (the total number of replies relation to the number of followers):

Images - 0.3% Videos - 0.6%

So, with 1,000 Instagram followers you should be aiming for 3 replies each time you post an image to your Stories, and 6 for a video.

Why have we used replies here? They're probably the best metric of meaningful engagement on stories - things like "taps forward" and "taps back" are also reported, but are harder to intepret as purely positive engagement.

Can Feed help?

How does this compare to your own posts? Hopefully you are feeling encouraged, and if not, hopefully you can think of some posts that are hitting these ratios that can guide you in what to post in the future to increase your engagement.

If you want to get more insight on which of your posts perform best, you can sign up to Feed, connect your Facebook & Instagram and take a look at how your posts rank… for free!

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