20 Apr '21

Feed x OnJam | Grow your online ticket sales

We are excited to announce that we've partnered with OnJam, a new platform for online shows and live streaming!

We saw some great results with artists promoting their OnJam shows, got in touch with founders Liam and Emily and loved the platform.

Nick spoke with Emily about what OnJam is, why they have built it and what makes it different from other streaming services.

OnJam are offering people in the Feed network a special offer... read on for more details!

What led you to start OnJam together?

We (Liam and Emily - the OnJam founders) founded OnJam in 2020 as we had a really similar vision for the future of live music and entertainment. There were three parts to this:

  1. Artists and arts organisations, large and small, should be able to generate meaningful revenue online
  2. Online shows, whether standalone or part of a physical show, shouldn’t be an afterthought. The audience experience should be great
  3. We wanted to connect fans and artists all over the world, and make music and other live entertainment more accessible than ever before

We had actually been building separate businesses - and decided to take what we had learned and join forces!

How is OnJam different from other streaming services out there?

OnJam is built as a community for artists and fans. Every product decision we make has artists, fans and the connection between artists and fans at the heart of it.

OnJam is not a platform being repurposed for concerts and performances. Our starting point is building a really exciting experience for artists and their fans. We offer 4K and HD streaming, high quality audio and fully integrated ticketing so you don’t have any admin hassle of related event pages or link forwarding.

For artists, the service is really easy to use with no technical knowledge required, artists get a great revenue share and can also collect tips both during and outside shows.

For audiences, we’re building more and more interactive tools so you can communicate with your favourite artists or group - live chat has already been rolled out and there are many more fun things we’re working on, so watch this space!

We’ve seen great results with Feed artists - is that down to the usability and simplicity of the platform?

We think so! The results and returns on people’s ad spend have been great. A lot of this we believe is down to the usability of the platform and audience experience.

It’s also because of the quality of the concerts, and it is testament to the great artists we have that their audiences are excited to be part of their online concerts.

Any tips to offer musicians looking to set up a live stream?

A lot of artists get quite anxious about live streams - things could go wrong! - but that’s part of the thrill and excitement of live performance.

If it’s an online-only show, it’s pretty freeing! You can perform anywhere with a decent internet connection and acoustic which is quite exciting. Think about ways in which you can give people an exciting experience - for example, unusual or unconventional camera positioning, multiple cameras or a handheld camera. And have fun with it! It doesn’t need to be too formal.

Also - check and double check your internet connectivity and speed (ethernet, not wifi!) a few days in advance and have a backup solution.

How can people in the Feed community get involved?

Try it out!

We have an in person support team, so you won’t be talking to a computer, and we take great care onboarding all our artists and arts organizations.

And we have a fantastic promotion right now in partnership with Feed - so do take advantage of that!

People in the Feed network will receive a 90% revenue share on ticket sales for 30 days. The Feed team will provide £20 free advertising credit on Feed to drive ticket sales for your OnJam shows!

Redeem the offer at https://www.onjam.tv/artists?p=feed&c=all

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