8 Feb '22

We've partnered with Amplify.link 💥

We often get asked about recommendations for smart links and landing pages. A little while back, we came across amplify.link.

The great design and UX of the pages was the first thing that caught our eye, but as we dug deeper we saw that these guys had built something pretty great under the hood too. From donate/shop features to custom domains to pixel tracking & Facebook conversion API integration... everything a creator, musician or microbusiness could want is right there.

It's a perfect fit with Feed, which helps people get their audience off social media onto an Amplify page to drive things like mailing list signups, product sales, streams etc.

I sat down with Sam who talked us through Amplify as a company and the product. Read on for a special offer to the Feed community!

Want more info, or to chat through how Feed and Amplify work together? Get in touch with us on Discord.

What led you to set up Amplify.link?

The whole team has a massive passion for music and creators more generally.

I first had involvement in music as a teenage DJ, which led to running events, club nights, DJing at clubs and festivals, writing for music magazines, doing PR for my friends and much more in my 20’s. I gained a real insight into the experience of being a creator and what it takes to succeed from my friends who turned music into full time careers. For me it was more of a hobby, my career was always in marketing, working both brand or agency side.

In 2014 I met my current business partner Harry at a digital agency we both worked at, we became good friends and realised we had very similar passions and left to set up our own agency where we primarily worked across music and other creator industries. We worked with major labels and big brands, but it was whilst working with several independent artists that the idea for Amplify.link came into focus. Creators needed a more effective way to share their music and content online, so we started with a very easy to use MVP and iterated from there from user feedback.

The first thing we noticed was the design of the pages, which seemed way ahead of the game. Has design and UX always been front and centre?

We feel our landing pages have always looked good, however, when it came to refreshing Amplify.link for our 2021 relaunch we decided to double down on page aesthetics. We built highly customisable and brandable landing pages which are an extension of the creators overall digital brand.

Our chief creative officer Harry is a design genius (so that helped), but at the end of the day focusing so heavily on landing page aethstetics just made sense to us all. These landing pages are built to help creators market their art! Boring functional landing pages that look like app screens isn’t good enough to help express your brand and artistic vision at one of the first touch points in which most fans will encounter your content online.

Design aside, how else are you different from other smart link providers?

Ease of use - great UI and UX - has always been really important for us and is something we’ve tried to think about throughout everything we do.

We also wanted to make our customisable landing pages as easy to use as an Instagram filter, allowing users to pick a template and create amazing looking pages in 30 seconds to five minutes.

We also have some cool innovations in our analytics scoring, allow users to embed any merch product on page, support all the tracking pixels you’ll need, have direct integration with email providers for on page mailing list sign ups and of course multiple different landing page types to allow you to run a variety of campaigns (release, bio, unlock, streaming and pre-save).

As marketing nerds, we love your remarketing pixel integrations. What does this mean for your customers?

From our agency backgrounds we are pretty nerdy about marketing too. Simply put, remarketing pixels are a vital way to track and retarget fans of your content. If you land on one of our pages and you have the pixels set up you can use the data they capture to retarget your fans on that platform. You can also create lookalike audiences which mirror the traits of your fans and find similar people for you to target and connect with.

How have you noticed the online landscape changing for creators in the past few years? What are the new opportunities, and what’s getting more challenging?

The online landscape for creators is ever changing and in some ways has never been better, as there are more and more opportunities coming their way. The big social platforms are becoming very creator focused, with their creator funds and new tools rolling out.

Services like Amplify.link and Feed are helping creators reach new audiences and market themselves much more effectively.

Then when you consider the looming opportunities and possibilities that Web3 unlock, this is a really exciting time for creators. Lots of people have identified the problems creators face and are focused on helping them get paid and solving them.

Any tips you can offer to creators looking to get their audience to the places that matter - whether that’s a streaming site or merch store?

Clear and concise calls to action, well designed attractive landing pages, think strategically about your campaigns, don't just rely on one method of marketing to your audience.

Most importantly work on building email and text lists that you fully own so that you can talk to your core fans without any barriers. As we grow Amplify.link we intend to help our users own their fan relationships more fully, we want to help with this.

Don’t just post once on your social accounts and think your job is done, it takes repeat viewings for someone to take a message in. Don’t spam! But also think about how you can get your message out there in different contexts across your social channels.

There are a lot of great resources online that you can read about how to market yourself and use social media to your advantage, at its core it's a simple process: offer value to people you want to attract to your content for free.

How can the Feed community get involved?

We've given the Feed community 30% off all monthly plans for 12 months, when they sign up with code FEED30 🥳

At checkout they'll be able to use the offer, which is redeemable for the next 6 months.

Amazing! Thanks for chatting with us, Sam

If you want to chat with us about any or all of this, come say hi on Discord!

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