4 Oct '22


Looking to edit a post caption for an ad?

Well if you are, you've come to the right place - because you can do that with Feed’s text editor!

Why is it useful?

Feed automatically pulls in all you organic posts including the original captions. Sometimes though this might not be up to scratch for running as an ad.

Our text editor gives you the option to change the original caption and get your post “ad ready”.

When to use it?

A few reasons we can think of are:

  • When your caption mentioned a release date that's now passed
  • If you want to remove a reference to a ‘link in bio’ when you’ve added a click through link
  • For repurposing content as an ad that originally had completely different messaging
  • To test a more direct version of the text
  • Or perhaps you have a load of hashtags which you want to clear up

And how?

  1. Head to the posts page and click the cog ⚙️ button underneath the original post.
  2. In the pop up, scroll down to the caption section and get writing.
  3. Press done and you're good to go!

Only available on a Growth or Pro Tier subscription.

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