10 Oct '22


Do you know where your fans are?

You might already have the answer if you've spotted the locations section in Feed đź‘€

What is it?

Feed will pull in any location where 1% or more of your fanbase live. You can view this by country or city.

Why is it useful?

We recommend focusing your advertising on places where your audience already is. That way you can build a localised niche of people who are more likely to meet, talk to each other and spread the word!

The reason we show 1% or more is because it means you are more likely to get a buzz around your artist. People talk and if 1% or more of them are talking in the same place, that's great!

And how?

In the targeting section you can scroll down to locations to see where your fans currently are. Then simply select the countries and cities you want to target, click save and Feed will handle the rest!

Or for those on the Growth Tier there's also the option to add locations which aren't automatically pulled in. Meaning you can get even more bespoke with where you want your ads to run.

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