24 Oct '22


Customise the links on your posts

Make your ads more ~bespoke~ by editing the link on each post.

What is it?

Ads are automatically created using the default link for your objective. Aka if you're running Instagram growth ads they will drive people to your IG profile using our deep link.

With this feature you can override that link for individual posts. (Please note this feature is only available with a Growth or Pro subscription)

Why is it useful?

This allows you to customise where your ads drive your audience.

It's particularly handy when running website visits or website sales ads on Feed.

For example you could add a link directing to:

šŸ”— a specific piece of merch

šŸ”— tickets for a tour date

šŸ”— or just the most relevant web page for your post.

And how?

  1. Head to the posts page.
  2. Click the āš™ļø button under the post.
  3. Select your link from the pop up.


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