10 Sep '20

Nick Edwards

Case Study: D Mills

D Mills is an LA-based producer, artist and multi-instrumentalist. His music is easy going - warm, soulful sounds yet still full of life and energy - and features multiple collaborations with a bunch of talented artists. Check out his 2019 album Agape, which highlights his work as an instrumentalist and showcases his use of diverse genres and influences.

He's also part of Black Narnia - their debut single Lion's Den is 🔥 !

D Mills has been using Feed for a couple of months. Because he's a great musician and comes across really well online, he's seen solid ad results and Spotify & Instagram follower growth. However, in this case study I want to focus on the progress he has made with a warm (retargeting) audience and why that's important.

Recap: what is a warm / retargeting audience?

Basically, a group of people who have already engaged with you in some way (and therefore have an idea of who you are). They might have liked a post, signed up to your mailing list or visited your website. Practically speaking, a retargeting audience is only useful if you have a way of reaching these people again.

The retargeting audience that Feed uses is fairly simple but effective: people who have engaged with your Facebook & Instagram in the past, but not very recently. This audience captures all sorts of engagements - including video views, post likes clicks on your ads - and is set up automatically when you sign up to Feed (Joshua spelled out how you can create your own if you're not using Feed). It includes followers, but also other people who know about you but don't follow you... yet.

The other benefit of this sort of retargeting audience is that it allows you to reach existing followers who have been tricky to reach organically.

Why it's important to nurture your warm audience.

The key point about a warm audience is that they're already 'warmed up'; familiarity is hugely important in determining how likely it is that someone will engage with you, follow you or listen to your music. These people are further down the 'marketing funnel' than a cold audience (one that hasn't heard of you yet), sort of like a halfway house between someone who hasn't heard of you and a follower or fan.

In other words, we want to encourage people to progress along this path:

cold (new audiences) → warm (engaged with you) → follower → fan / customer.

D Mills has added around 3,000 people to his warm audience in a couple of months with a fairly modest budget. That's 3,000 more people who now know of him... and who are more likely to engage with him and his music next time they hear from him.

How has he achieved this? Essentially by posting content on social media that people enjoy and engage with (like the above) and using paid advertising to find new audiences. More engagement → faster growth in your warm audience → more people you can easily reach again:

Once someone has moved into your warm audience, you should aim to nurture that relationship by getting more posts in front of them (or let Feed do that for you 😉), with the aim of directing them to Spotify, YouTube, a website - or wherever you want people to go.

D Mills has been driving people in his warm audience to Spotify using Feed, and it's nice to see an uplift in Spotify listeners during this period (without releasing new music), as well as good growth in Instagram followers.

We're looking forward to hearing more music from D Mills... and encourage you to as well! Head to dmillsmusic.com to find out more, or follow him on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to stay in the loop.

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