7 Oct '22


An album release game plan

A weekly spotlight on how Feed users are levelling up their growth. And how you could do the same.

Today's tip:

💿 An album release game plan 💿

How one major record label promoted their artist’s album release.

The three main takeaways:

  • Build up a valuable audience before you begin selling to them
  • Compliment your album strategy by releasing singles, music videos and posting about gigs
  • Keep promoting even after the release, this can tie nicely into other future sales

3 months before album release

Shares headline US tour and personality-based content.

2 months before album release

Announces the album will be released on 20th May. Shares a pre-save link posts a new music video shares new dates for her current tour.

Begins running audience growth ads on Feed to grow her engaged fan base.

1 week before album release

Shares single referencing that there’s one week to album release day.

Album release day 🥳

Multiple posts and stories about the album,encouraging streams and downloads.

5 days after album release

Shares reviews and where the album has been featured.

2 weeks after album release

Shares videos from the current tour,highlighting upcoming dates.

1 month after album release

Tour ends and campaign finishes.

And what kind of results?

The label focused on growing a dedicated Instagram following.

They were able to find a valuable audience to support the new album.

Feed’s audience growth ads were able to support the wider marketing strategy including single releases, music videos and live performances.

In numbers, Feed ads managed to reverse a trend of losing IG followers and grew by +3,000 followers each month!

Could this promotion plan work for you too? Why not give it a try!

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