12 Oct '22


A strategy for growing your Spotify following

A weekly spotlight on how Feed users are levelling up their growth. And how you could do the same.

Today's tip:

🎧📈 A strategy for Spotify growth 📈🎧

One manager's effective approach to Spotify growth.

To summarise:

  1. Focus on growing your off Spotify audience with Feed before doubling down on Spotify Growth ads
  2. Cycle through this process again and again to maintain results ♻️

Day 1

Set up your artist profile using the Instagram Growth objective.

Day 1 - 22

Focus on music related content (as opposed to more personality driven content). Think lots of BTS from live gigs and rehearsals.

Day 22

Once engagement (Step 1) and retargeting (Step 2) audiences are large enough - we recommend at least 50% more people than when you started running ads - change the objective to Spotify Growth.

What next?

Repeat that process again! If ad performance on Spotify Growth dips, then you should focus on growing the audience again. Once that's big enough, switch back to Spotify growth.

Simple 🤷‍♀️

And what kind of results?

For the artist and manager who have been championing this approach - Spotify growth with paid ads is now 230% faster than their organic growth.

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