1 Nov '22


A Spotify algorithm cheat sheet 👀

How Feed users are levelling up their growth. And how you could do the same.

Today's tip:


Spotify can feel like a bit of a mystery 🕵️‍♂️

Especially when you're trying to understand how to get your music featured on the elusive Release Radar or Discover Weekly playlists.

So we wanted to share some of our tips on how to make the most of the Spotify algo.

3 points to sum it all up: 🎧 Focus on followers rather than streams. 🎧 Follower count is also a big factor in getting playlisted. 🎧 Avoid using a Linktree if you can.

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Followers = multiple song streams

Ads linking directly to a song will likely only result in one stream. That's fine, but it's not ideal.

Whereas directing to your Spotify profile and encouraging a follow means multiple streams 🎶. It also teaches the algorithm which other Spotify users should get your releases in their playlists e.g. Release Radar.

Editorial playlists also love it

Playlist editors also consider follower count when including artists in their curated playlists. 

Having more followers might make your playlist pitching that bit easier and more successful🤞.

Smart URLs/ Linktrees aren't actually that smart

Linking to a Smart URL or Linktree page can see a hugeeeee drop off between the ad and heading to your Spotify. Up to 70-80% 😱!

So ensuring a seamless transition from ad to your Spotify via a direct link is an absolute must. 

Now what to do with this information?

Well, thankfully we're here to help 🦸.

Our Spotify Growth ads are set up to make the most of this info.

They focus on: Increasing your followers Linking directly into your Spotify page Creating ads which target actual Spotify users Just look at how one artist has been getting on...

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