Totally effortless Facebook & Instagram advertising

The two options when it comes to digital ads:

  1. Do it yourself - lots of time
  2. Hire someone to do it - lots of money

Feed is changing that.

Our tech lets you effortlessly run professional ads in-house, at a fraction of the cost.

  • The go-to tool for paid ads for all small businesses. Its technical backend, easy to use interface and transparent fee structure mean you spend less time needing to upskill and more time doing the things only you can do.


    Sustainable cashmere brand

  • Intuitive and easy to use, and a useful way of reaching both new audiences and reconnecting with people. Give it a try!


    Pianist and composer

  • Feed has made the engagement ads process incredibly easy. It takes less time, is cheaper, incredibly intuitive and far more effective than the other tools we have tried.


    Creative marketing agency

  • Feed has been amazing! We've seen a huge boost in ticket sales, and we now understand which posts people are responding to.


    A cappella group

  • It's user friendly… like the Apple version of digital advertising


    London based swimwear brand

  • Feed has been a great tool for us when growing our social media presence. Invaluable for a small start-up team that is stretched across multiple projects! Would definitely recommend it for small businesses."


    Vintage homeware marketplace

  • Effortless professional advertising

    Set-and-forget ads that run in the background without needing your constant attention, so you can focus on running your business.

    Effortless professional advertising
  • No more guesswork 🤖

    Feed's algorithm sets up your campaigns with the latest best practice, and ideal target audiences.

    A constant A/B testing process runs in the background to make sure your budget is always allocated to the most effective ads.

  • Amplify your own voice

    Feed can predict which of your regular organic Facebook and Instagram posts are likely to perform well, and uses those to create ads.

    This means there's no need to create anything new, and people get to know the real you.

  • Build a real, engaged audience

    1. Reach and engage new people
    2. Nurture the relationship with your audience
    3. See results! Whether that's follows, sales or something else!

    Advertise like a pro and move your audience along a journey.

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