Automated Facebook and Instagram ads

that actually work for small budgets.

Keep doing you on social media. Connect to Feed, set a budget and we’ll do the rest.

Feed figures out which of your posts get the best response, and leans into those to discover new audiences and grow income.

  • Hassle-free ads

    Automated ads that run in the background without needing your constant attention, so you can focus on what's important.

    Hassle-free ads
  • Keep doing you on socials

    Feed uses your Facebook and Instagram posts are used to create ads that feel natural and in your own voice. There's no need for you to create anything new.

    Keep doing you on socials
  • Lean into what works

    AI-enabled optimisation figures out which of your posts gets the best response. Put your budget behind the content that works.

    Lean into what works
  • Build reach and relationships

    Move people along the journey from discovery to purchase or sign-up. Nurture the relationships that are important to you.

    Build reach and relationships
  • It's user friendly… like the Apple version of digital advertising


    London based swimwear brand

  • It's brilliant... Feed runs your ads and does stuff that normally baffles me - but in an easy to understand way


    Screen printed workwear brand

  • I’ve never seen such low costs per engagement, and I basically don’t have to do anything – what’s not to like?!


    Cycling and adventure-wear brand

  • Intuitive and easy to use, and a useful way of reaching both new audiences and reconnecting with people. Give it a try!


    Pianist and composer

  • An excellent and simple solution for increasing engagement and followers.


    Official Roland Lifestyle Brand

  • Feed has been amazing! We've seen a huge boost in ticket sales, and we now understand which posts people are responding to.


    A cappella group

  • 17 Sep '21 Feed

    Why we are building Feed

    We're helping people grow passions into businesses with a tool that doesn't take time away from running a company!

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