Make social ads the easiest part of any artist campaign

Build an engaged audience with automated Facebook and Instagram advertising.

You can set up and maintain a marketing funnel in a matter of minutes, whilst continuous A/B testing means your ad campaigns will be more effective too!

  • 2-minute setup

    Scale ad campaigns to all your artists in minutes.

    Simply connect your profiles, set the objective and ads will start running.

    Feed doesn’t need your constant attention!

  • No more guesswork 🤖

    Background A/B testing means your budget is spent on an artist’s most effective posts.

    Feed generates clear and consistent reporting that’s easy to share with the artist’s team.

  • Amplify authenticity

    Feed promotes artists’ regular, organic Facebook and Instagram posts & stories.

    Promoting less ‘sales-y’ content yields 100% better results on average.

  • Find new audiences

    Reach new people, nurture those relationships and convert to followers and listeners.

    Move people along a journey to build a real, engaged fanbase.

  • 1 Jan '22

    Why we are building Feed?

    Feed is our solution to stop people wasting so much time and expense on digital advertising

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  • 8 Apr '22

    How do I choose a marketing goal?

    A simple framework that balances your audience growth and sales goals, and helps you to achieve both

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    How does your FB & IG engagement stack up?

    Ever wondered how well you’re engaging people on Facebook & Instagram relative to everyone else? Here are some useful benchmarks.

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  • 1 Jul '22

    What is good follower growth?

    We ignore the hype you read online & dig into the data to get some benchmarks for Instagram follower growth

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